All about Clout goggles

Clout goggles are the latest trend in fashion. The summer of
2017 can definitely be called the summer of Clout. Fashion in sunglasses goes
through tide and ebb, and clout fashion is here to stay. Clout glasses have
their own style statement to make: oversized oval lenses which are typically
encased in thick white glass frame that gives the wearer a quirky yet fashionable
mosquito-eyed look.

It was originally developed by the late Nirvana musician Kurt
Cobain with his penchant for oversize fashionable coats. The 6558 series
glasses was also famously known as Cobain glasses which were launched by
Christian Roth’s luxury eyewear fashion company during Kobain’s time. The
influence of Curt Kobain, even 20 years after his death on the current fashion,
is unparalleled and only rivals his influence on music.

These 90’s style glasses got their informal name as clout goggles after rapper Denzel curry donned these in a music video and called them clout
glasses. The glasses are pure retro and are being touted as must-haves for
anyone who wants to show off their style statement. Pair them up with
unconventional clothing and you get a misalignment from tradition which will
make you look so cool.

Why Clout Goggles got so popular

Clout, in urban dictionary, means power or influence wielded
by powerful personalities like politicians, musicians, and actors etc. Clout
glasses are a perfect way of the everyday person to show off their power to the
world and the community around them. The shades are widely adopted by stylish
guys, Nirvana diehards making clout goggles an internet sensation.

Clout glasses are predominantly made fashionable by
contemporary mumble rappers such as Lil Yatchy, Wiz Khalifa, and Denzel Curry
etc. It has become a key fashion icon
for Indie music and the grunge movements. These goggles have become an internet
sensation all over the world and it is hard to escape Instagram without seeing at
least a pic of someone flaunting his clout muscles along with souvenir jackets,
suede boots and side-strapped track pants.

Clout sunglasses’ huge popularity has got to sell like hotcakes
online. You can find them everywhere, on Amazon, on Alibaba, in wide range of
prices. You can get your very own clout glasses as low as 20$ and as high as 350$. It has been re-launched by Christian Roth in the summer
of May 2017, while brands like Raen, Acne studios have flooded the market with
their own range. These shades are the perfect tribute to the Nirvana man Kurt Cobain
and rekindle your love for the 90’s retro music while you flaunt these shades.

The clout goggles usually come with white coloured frames,
even though recently, the trend has been to mix and match with different colours
such as red, orange, checkered, dotted etc. The shades also come in different
varieties such as black, grey, orange etc. It is the ideal combination if you
want to bring out the swag and the too cool attitude you have always wanted.

For those who want to set their own trend rather than follow
others, these goggles are your perfect bet. Their weird and quirky style speaks
volumes of the freedom and the individuality in you. It brings out the free-spirited
rebel that you are, the one unbounded by rules and laws of the world.