Facts you might not know about the playstation network


Owned by the gaming giant SONY, the PSN allows online gaming and services of content distribution. The network was formed so as to allow PS3 users to play online games. Now with the arrival of PS4, Sony has extended its support for it also and added tons of luring features like streaming of music and video. The platform is similar to the Xbox live network.

The network is a subscription based service which provides fantastic features for Online Gaming. A free service is also provided with limited features. It must be noted that the Play Station network has its own flaws and bugs and isn’t as stabilized with the functionalities like the Xbox or Steam network.

Just like with any other online access, Internet with preferably low ping is required to access the generateur de code PSN. The statistics and other relevant data are also shown inside the PSN. Credit/Card, PayPal as well as Debit card are the preferred mode of transaction with play station network. There is automatic funding feature with the PSN which withdraws money automatically if there are less funds available in the wallet. For those, who are without credit/debit cards, they can redeem a purchase via the PSN cards which normally are available for 10,20,30 and 50 $. If you are looking for a Code PSN Gratuit, you have come to the right place at our blog. Here you can find Code PSN Gratuit that are valid and authentic for the year 2017 and beyond.

The Ethernet cord is used to connect the router with PS3. A free account is then needed to be created with the help of Email id and a unique Online ID. After the sign in is done, users can access every feature of the PSN.

The Playstation network is the foremost premiere entertainment since 2015 providing games, videos, televisions and music. Sony intents to become a complete powerhouse for providing the Digital media for the new generation.

Certain games often lag on the PSN. While the PSN network is capable of handling heavy traffic, the error lies in few SONY games which often gets lagged or delayed. With firmware update of version 2.4, trophies and other prizes were offered to the users.

Playstation Store

There are tons of downloadable content available on the PS store. Many a times, full games and oher digital content have been been offered generously by SONY. Each Tuesday, the North and South America store gets updated with fresher content. The Playstore can be accessed by the master Playstation network where previous logs of purchased items can be viewed with other activities of that account. There is also service of Wallet which stores payments. Before 2007, the PS3 didn’t support multitasking like watching a video and playing online as well as offline PS3 games.

The play station store was made available for the PS4 and PC in January 2013.

DRM tool is required to download the content from the PS store onto the PC. The tool allows for the prevention of illegal distribution especially of the new games.

Sony introduced a newer additional extension in the already existing PSN service. It offers plenty of other facilities like :-

a. Massive discounts on store items of playstore.

b. Ability to access the full online version of selected games.

Issues with Playstation network

There have been significant issues with the PSN especially with the payment hassle with Paypal. Thousands of UK residents had their accounts banned by Sony for no reason. Also the network outrages are common due to frequent malware attacks on the PSN. There have been significant number of countries which does not get the Play station network.

In April 2011, Sony officially let the world know about the hacking of PSN. The accounts of the users were suspended which lasted for 23 days and affected more than 80 million registered users. Upon rectifying the error, Sony Welcome people with Two PS3 games for free. The service since then has improved dramatically however, SONY did received a lot of Flak for this particular incident.

A few minors have still persisted throughout the years like intermittent connectivity, the inability to sign in and off at certain peak times and the difficulty in finding other players in the network.

The users can also check the status of the network by visiting the http://status.playstation.com/.



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